• Around the summer of August 2008, Que aka Adam Blydenburgh from Washington D.C. decided to code in C programming language his version of DiversiDial which was extremely popular in the mid 1980's. I (XxSwitchBladexX) was fortunate enough to beta test the very first release of the creation of "RETRODIAL" v1.0b. As time went by many other versions were released with better stability and less crashes. In the present day of the year 2012 (RetroDial) is the new y2k and beyond alternative to DiversiDial. It is almost as the original Diversi-Dial from the author of Bill Basham with almost the same functionalities and new extra implemented commands which are not on the original. In todays society dialup modems are no longer needed like they were used back then with the "Apple //e" for such an application. With a "Telnet" connection one can connect to RetroDial with I.P. address to establish a connection and logon. In order to have a full membership one must be issued a numbered password account to sustain unlimited amount of time on the system.

    Non account holders have approximately 30 minutes of time to chat and what not on the system, depending how non account holders are configured through the RetroDial application. The requirements that are needed to HOST RetroDial would be a computer under linux any version and an internet connection. There are only a few interested in retro chatting in such environment. Don't expect to have a large volume of users logging onto a system which in reality is extinct beyond all recognition. There are only a few of us left that are still into "THE OLD-SCHOOL" retro-chatting scene and use it even today. I'm so glad of having/had to be part of the Diversi-Dial era including what is offered for the future. This is truly the best that is out there right now and the experience i have had is all good.

    Many thanks to Bill Basham for creating such an application on the apple //e in 6502 in the mid 1980's and creating a world of fun. If it weren't for him of course DDial would not have been around. My experiences on meeting the people i have had the pleasure with would not have existed, nor the wonderful display of PARTIES/GT's and the hanging out i did when i was a teen. Many more expected updates will be available for the future to come. More SysOp commands will be implemented along with a Client specifically for RetroDial that will be used to connect like one would use as a telnet client with SSH capabilities. I have also come to an understanding that a webpage will be created for connections to the systems using RetroDial to be less complicated for those who are not familiar with the term of "TELNET". This will probably increase the interest of connecting to a chat environment that is WEB-BASED and offering the chance for those to logon to a RetroDial system under those standards. As of October 17th, 2012 the latest release of que's program is RetroDial v1.2 (STABLE).

    RetroDial will be rewritten from scratch from what i have been informed by que himeself. Lots of other features will be included on this version with different other commands and functionalities. It will be RetroDial 2.0. This release will be an ultimate release and will serve other different tasks and or SysOp controls via the console or a terminal under telnet. More news later with perhaps an actual release date, it is unknown at this time.